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Thursday, 04 July 2013 17:22

Marital counselling, Is It Right For You?

Marriage counselling although often misunderstood, is an excellent way to enrich your relationship and help it grow into a satisfying and stable marriage. Marital counselling help is somewhat different from that of premarital counselling. Whereas pre-marital counselling is designed to help insure that your love grows and flourishes, marital counselling is more geared towards married couples that are experiencing marital difficulties and have a willingness to work things out.

Marriage Counselling Frankston and Mornington PeninsulaAlthough marital counselling help can sometimes be a slow process that requires a commitment, numerous studies have proven it to be highly effective. I strongly believe in not only the inevitable difficulties inherent in marriage, but the numerous benefits of marriage. So if you want to get a jump start on a healthy marital relationship, I recommend attending some form of marital counselling. Most marital counselling help workshops provide you with the essential relationship skills you need to be successful in your marriage. Men and women should never enter into a marriage unprepared.

Is Your Marriage Repairable?

If you think your marriage is un-repairable, think again. Although half the marriages in this country end in divorce, yours does not have to be a part of that statistic. Before you decide to call it quits and file for divorce, marital counselling help is a viable option. If for no other reason than to possibly ease the stress and to improve divorce and custody negotiations.

If you should experience marital difficulties, you must commit yourself to take all reasonable efforts to preserve your marriage, including marital counselling. A strong marriage requires a strong commitment to the very foundation of that marriage.

Children Of Divorce

Sessions for children of divorce and separation are also in order and available. It is extremely important that we realize that a divorce not only affects the husband and wife, but the children and other family members of that marriage. Researchers have concluded that children of divorce are 3-5 times more likely to be involved in detrimental behavior. Providing marital counselling designed for children means that they'll feel safe as they deal with their own hurts.

Marital counselling help is an excellent idea and may be referred to by many names: couples counselling, relationship counselling, marital counselling, premarital counselling, re-marriage counselling, and others. Regardless of the name that it falls under, marital counselling is extremely effective and especially needed when children are part of the family.

Counselling Can Help More Than Just Marriages

Often misunderstood, many people think that marital counselling is only for marriages in trouble. In actuality, marital counselling help is therapeutic not only for the relationship, but for each individual in that relationship. The perceived stigma against seeking marital counselling is often not real.

It is important that you realise that investing in marital counselling help is always less costly (monetarily and emotionally) than investing in a divorce. It is the opinion of many experts that pre-marital and marital counselling help are definitely a positive step in the right direction towards making a marriage work, rather than ending it.