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Mornington Peninsula And Frankston Family Counsellor Louise Goodwin Provides Individual And Group Family Therapy

The Louise Goodwin Family Therapy Service in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas is a comprehensive counselling service offering counselling to the whole family at the same time as well as the more traditional approach of individual family therapy. Structural family counselling is available for every grouping and member of the family to improve their understanding, communication and relationships within the family.

Strengthen Your Family And Create Positive Relationships With Supportive Counselling And Family Therapy

Every family is different. A family can be two or more people but every family operates as a structure or system with cycles - sometimes well, sometimes not very well. As members of a family, we each have something in common psychologically and emotionally; our independent individuality and our unique role in the family. It's common to experience conflict within these parts of ourselves when family difficulties arise. Mornington Peninsula and Frankston Family Therapist, Louise Goodwin takes into consideration all aspects of the complexities of family dynamics and the treatment of issues. Some of the many types of areas involved in Family Therapy include:

  • Sibling rivalry
  • Behavioural issues
  • Arguments
  • Addictions
  • Abuse and trauma
  • Mental health issues
  • Caring for an elderly or disabled family member
  • Lone parent families
  • Adoption and adoptive families
  • Divorced or separated families
  • Same-sex couples with children
  • Financial matters

It's important to realise that if violence is present in the family, that safety is the number one priority. Therapy and counselling can only be provided after a safe situation is established. Once out of physical danger, issues can be addressed and a road to healing can start with counselling and support.

Practicing Positive Family Therapy Techniques Creates A Lifelong Ripple Effect

Louise Goodwin offers the benefit of her vast experience and knowledge across mental health, social work, teenage, adult and children's issues. Family counselling with Louise takes a systemic view of the whole family and incorporates relationship counselling and individual counselling, focusing on learning new ways of interacting to replace dis-functional cycles. With a strengths-based therapeutic system, families learn to use their own resources and a positive flow through effect is created and with practice can become the new "normal".