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couples-therapy-frankston-mornington-peninsulaCouples Therapy

Experienced Couples Therapist Louise Goodwin Provides Marriage Therapy and Relationship Counselling In Frankston and Mornington Peninsula

Couples counselling with Louise Goodwin is non-judgemental, confidential and professional. Couples can receive counselling individually and together to work through issues with supportive, useful strategies and tools to help overcome problems and improve communication. Whatever the status of your relationship, counselling with Louise focuses on your personal situation as a couple to work together towards your desired outcomes.

Learn Better Ways To Communicate With Your Partner In Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula

Whether married, de-facto, separated, divorced or together but living apart, relationships are famously difficult but can be rewarding too - the balance depending on your circumstances. Relationship counselling with Louise allows couples to express their issues more clearly and helps them learn ways to progress with each other. Some of the symptomatic issues couples frequently face include:

  • Infidelity, mis-trust, extra marital affairs
  • Lack of communication
  • Conflict and arguments
  • Stress, anger, anxiety
  • Domestic abuse, violence
  • Monitory disputes
  • Feeling unloved and needs not met

Couples Counselling With Louise Goodwin Helps Couples Positively Move Forward To A Healthy Relationship For The Future

In creating strategies and learning methods for a better relationship, couples counselling explores your important relationship histories to help identify learned behaviour steeped in the past. Conflict resolution strategies can then be practiced with more awareness and meaning, assertively not aggressively. Good communication means speaking without blame and listening without defensiveness. The key is practice. How you talk qualifies what you say. Most importantly, both partners need to want to work it out.

Love And Marriage Has Ups And Downs - A Renewed Relationship Can Be Better Than What You Lost.

Couples often say they want to return to the "honeymoon" phase state of relationship. Time doesn't stand still. However, getting back what you lost can be replaced with something better and new, benefiting from the experiences of the past. Relationship therapy assists couples to create a deeper understanding of each other and feel good again for the present and the future.