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Pregnancy counsellingPregnancy Counselling

Where Pregnancy Is An Issue, Non-Judgemental Pregnancy Counsellor Louise Goodwin In Mornington Peninsula And Frankston Can Help

Louise Goodwin is an experienced female Pregnancy Counsellor in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas and works with pregnant women of all ages through their issues and options in the often heart-wrenching decision of whether to terminate their pregnancy or not.  Louise's  pregnancy counselling service is 'non-directive" which means your choice is not directed. Counselling and support is provided to help you make the right decision for yourself towards the best outcome for your future.

Medicare Registered Counsellor In Mornington Peninsula And Frankston For Pregnancy Counselling Under A GP Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling Plan

Pregnancy changes lives in all circumstances but when a pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted, the reality of being pregnant can hit hard and a decision may have to be made as to whether to go through an abortion or not. Getting the right support at this  time is crucial for emotional, physical and psychological health and well-being - regardless of your financial status. Our non-directive pregnancy counselling service in Mornington and Frankston is available to women under a GP non-directive pregnancy councelling plan which entitles a 3 session rebate through Medicare.

Confidential Pregnancy Counselling With Emotional And Practical Support To Help Make The Choice That's Right For You

An unexpected pregnancy can make you feel alone, scared and vulnerable. Multiple issues may be involved including your relationship, family, medical problems, violence, trauma, legal issues, school, parents, drugs and mental health. Extra stress, anxiety and fear can make you feel even more sick.

As an experienced and understanding counsellor, Louise Goodwin's independent non-directive pregnancy counselling helps you to work out the options and meanings of your pregnancy in a safe, supportive environment with a qualified female counsellor.  Louise's approach is respectful, private and fully confidential to assist you all the way.