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Saturday, 29 June 2013 16:15

Couples Therapy

Couples come to counselling for many reasons, whether it’s to re-vitalise the relationship, recover from an affair, the relationship is lost to raising the children. The reason the relationship is in trouble is because one or both partners have drifted away from each other and you are no longer communicating to each other what your needs are.

Each partner will have greatest needs in a relationship and when a partner’s needs are not being met within the relationship that problem’s occur. Different people deal with these issues in different ways to try to have their needs met elsewhere.

Never assume or take your partner for granted

Couples Therapy Frankston & Mornington PeninsulaThat is why it is important to never assume or take your partner for granted, to keep a relationship alive it is important to continue to take every opportunity to make your partner feel good about themselves and their relationship. If you’re not making each other happy what are you doing together?

In couples therapy we assist this by talking about each partner’s needs from their relationship, values and goals. We also explore each partner’s Family of Origin to discover where value’s come from in each partner and to work out couples and create new value systems in their Family of Creation.

The couple needs to have a strong base particularly when there are children so that the children also have a secure base. As parent’s it is vital that you are ‘on the same page’ about rewards and consequences for you children. It is important that you demonstrate good conflict resolution skills as they learn this from each of you.

Couples therapy can help to re-vitalise your relationship and find a return to why you originally became a couple and provide you with the skills to survive or prevent any future problems from occurring through improved communication with each other.