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Mornington Peninsula and Frankston Counsellor Louise Goodwin Assists Couples Going Through Separation

Frequently the separation process of couples starts with one partner thinking about it a long time before deciding to leave. Then an avalanche of emotions and issues come to a head and have to be suddenly dealt with. Separation counselling in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula with Louise Goodwin helps individuals come to terms with separating. Separation mediation is also available to assist in sorting things out for the best long-term outcome.

Children And Separation

Separation or divorce is often emotionally exhausting, sometimes traumatic  and can be very confusing for both the adults and children involved. The separation process can cause a tumult of emotions, reactions and behaviour  including pain and anger, sadness, guilt, rejection, vengeance and hostility which if not managed effectively and responsibly will impact negatively on the children.

With their own emotions to deal with, children get caught in the middle with a "double whammy" of hurt and unhappiness and commonly develop a parent loyalty conflict as well as self-blame. With nowhere to turn, they will feel lost and abandoned. Separation counselling provides strategies for separating couples to make sure there children don't bare the brunt of the separation. With  our professional counselling service, even (and especially) in a bad separation, the separating couple can make sure their children will be ok.

Separation Counselling And Separation Mediation Assists Separating Couples in Dispute Resolution And Important Legal And Practical Decisions

Further complicating issues in divorce or separation are the decisions that have to made concerning financial, legal and practical matters, Seeing clearly is very difficult while you may be in the middle of an emotional roller coaster. Separation and divorce counselling also helps people in the separation process to clarify matters and identify the right choices to make concerning finances, property and practical decisions that will affect their long term future arrangements.