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Counselling Services for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula

Louise Goodwin - Counselling Frankston & Mornington PeninsulaLouise Goodwin - qualified counsellor provides professional individual and family counselling services for adults, adolescents & children in Frankston & Mornington Peninsula.

Non-judgemental, professional and experienced, Louise Goodwin is a highly Qualified Counsellor in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula specialising in Child and Family Counselling, Individual Counselling and Couples Therapy.

Louise's dedicated impartial counselling and advocacy services include Anxiety, Depression and Stress Management, Children's Behavioural Issues, Couples Therapy, Adolescent Counselling, Same-Sex Couples Counselling and Pregnancy Support Counselling.

The strategies and methods used in counselling focus on creating positive change. Individuals and families learn the tools and find the strengths they need to progress in life and improve personal situations, trust and communication and quality of relationships.

Further benefits of Counselling and Therapy with Louise Goodwin draw from her extensive background of work in mental health, social work, high needs families, physical disabilities, drugs and alcohol addiction, family violence, sexual abuse and situations of extreme financial hardship.

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